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How To Get Private Key, Passphrase And Backup Metamask Wallet

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For DeFi players, Private Key, and Passphrase is important information that directly affects the user’s assets. In careless cases, you may lose your Private Key, Passphrase and be unable to access coins and tokens stored in the wallet. Following the article below, we will suggest you some ways to get your Passphrase and Private Key and Backup your Metamask wallet safely and securely

Basics of Private Key and Passphrase

After you successfully create a Metamask wallet, you will receive a Private Key address, Passphrase with different information depending on Blockchain platforms.

Anyone in possession of these two pieces of information can directly access the Metamask assets stored in your wallet. Therefore, Private Key and Passphrase are extremely important, you absolutely keep them secret, and do not disclose it to anyone

What is a Private Key?

A private key is a type of string format for the purpose of connecting to accounts, akin to a bank password.

For example a format of the Private key: aahd13dnhg4f287dhhhjxi1344quuwh124bdasjw3489dhaytriio91s.

What is a passphrase?

A passphrase is a set of characters that encodes information.

Ví dụ một Passphrase: lecture tube estate tunnel tone decade flash army net pink nice trap.

Distinguish Private Key and PassPhrase

Why distinguish Private Key and Passphrase? Check out some of our explanations below.

Imagine that the Passphrase is like a bunch of house keys, and the Private key is the key to each room in the house. A Passphrase will contain a lot of Private keys inside.

Difference between Private Key and Passphrase

Here will be an outstanding example to demonstrate how Metamask works via Private Key and Passphrase:

  • After you successfully register a Metamask wallet, immediately after account 1, Private Key and Passphrase will appear.
  • If you click on the word Create Account, Metamask will create Account 2, and Account 2 has its own Private Key (completely different from the Private key of Account 1), but its Passphrase will be the same as Account 1. Similarly, create a second Account. 3.
  • Since the Passphrase represents all wallets, the Private key represents a single wallet, so when you first download Metamask on another device, you must Import the Passphrase first before generating the Private Key.
  • After Importing Passphrase, then click Add account to open Private Key.

How to get the Private Key and Passphrase of the Metamask wallet

Thus, to own a cryptocurrency wallet, the most necessary thing is to find your Phrase. If you can’t get the Passphrase, look for the Private Key. After all, the Private Key is the Passphrase after decryption.

To get the Private Key and Passphrase of the Metamask wallet, you need to do the following:

  • Go to Settings and click Security and Privacy.
  • Then click Reveal Seed Phrase.

The above operations are very simple and require following the correct steps. Therefore, you should pay attention to get the Private Key and Passphrase of Metamask wallet in the simplest way.

Make sure to keep your Private Key and Passphrase kín

Metamask wallet backup is a prerequisite

To create a wallet, Coin 98 Wallet always recommends that you save the security key carefully as well as the character string of the Private Key. This information should be kept in a safe place and absolutely not disclosed to anyone. Otherwise, your account is at risk of being stolen at any time if someone knows the sequence of characters.

A few simple ways to backup your Metamask wallet:

  • Take notes on paper and keep them carefully.
  • Take notes and keep them in the phone’s note (if you use an iPhone, you can set a security lock to limit access from others).
  • You should back up in different places. Because this is optional, there is no limit to where the private key is stored. You can write and make multiple copies and save it because if we lose one we still have another to back up.

You should note that a lot of people often have a habit of saving by taking screenshots, storing information in photos or pasting content on messenger or zalo,… However, these ways of saving can information can be easily leaked and should not be used due to:

  • Chances are, your devices are malfunctioning, damaged and cannot be reopened. Besides, if you save it on your computer, one day, the hard drive dies, you absolutely cannot get the information back.
  • With the above simple storage, it is very easy to steal information. Or sometimes, you accidentally delete the wrong item, of course, never save it.

Above is how to get a Private Key, Passphrase, and Backup Metamask wallet to help you ensure safe storage of your assets. Hopefully, the above sharing helps you understand many things and have the best Metamask wallet backups.


Partnership Enquiries Have any questions regarding how we run our partnerships? Email us here.

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