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What are hidden gems? Summary of Hidden gem information from AZ

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Hidden Gems is the term for potential projects that are “hidden” and waiting for users to discover. It is also a good method in crypto investment, making it easier for us to make profits faster and more than the base coins. So what are hidden gems? Join us to find the best answer in the article below.

What are hidden gems?

Perhaps you are very familiar with the concept of a hidden gem, a concept associated with countless numbers of x10, x20 or even x100, to represent the huge profits brought from the growth momentum of the company. coins with a small cap. So what is the most accurate concept of a hidden gem?

Hidden gems are coins or tokens that have great potential, but are currently undervalued in the market and are not known to many investors. These can also be projects that are about to fly in the same upward momentum as the whole market, but when flying, the returns that it brings are extremely fierce.

Classification of Hidden gems

Usually when participating in the Crypto market, teams will post shills about a coin, and then it grows strongly x2 x10 x100 even x300- Do you think that’s the hidden gem I’m talking about? This is not entirely wrong, but also not entirely true. In this market, there are quite a few coins/tokens that grow strongly but are not shilled by the communities in Vietnam.

So, here are the hidden gem genres that you can learn and invest in, these hidden gem categories are usually filtered out according to our observation and experience. Note that, we have a level of risk in each hidden gem category, this level is based on the criteria in comparing holding a top coin with taking that amount to find hidden gems, it is completely based on on our subjective opinion.

Hidden gem ICO/IEO

IEO- Initial Exchange Offering is a form of issuing coins on centralized Cex exchanges such as Binance, Huobi Prime,,…. Projects applying for IEO will usually be censored relatively carefully, by the research team with the strict criteria of the exchanges. Therefore, investing in IEO projects usually has a relatively lower level of risk than other types of issuance.

Hidden gem low cap

In these types of hidden gems are the listed Coins/Tokens but the market capitalization is not high, usually only a few tens of millions of dollars to a few hundred dollars. These projects have a very small capitalization, so when money flows into low cap lines, it will help projects fly faster and stronger. Normally, low-cap projects will be from rank 150 onwards in Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.

Cons: Long wait, this is lowcap usually follow the moneyflow of the market

Audience: People with high patience, it doesn’t matter how high or low, have research experience

Risk Level: Medium-High

Review of Hidden Gem project

When you have found potential projects, do not rush to invest in it right away, but learn carefully about that project to make a choice whether to invest or not, you can rely on the factors like:

First: Business Model

The business idea model must be truly unique and stand out from its competitors in the financial market.

Monday: Whitepaper of the project

Investors must verify the information that the white paper provides such as: technology, founders, leadership team, intended use, number of issues as well as details of the development process of the companies. that coin.

You should also see how real it is in the given time period, and what achievements it has so far.

Tuesday: Finance

Project finance must be properly allocated to maintain efficient development, be invested by multiple funds, and have fully distributed Tokennomics.

In particular, the amount of coins distributed to the team must be < 35% and locked for 6 months -2 years.

Wednesday: Team

It is necessary to see how the founders have a history and experience in this field, have they ever developed any projects or not.

In addition, the Dev’s performance is not shown through the project’s Roadmap. If it matches our research above, it proves that the project development team is extremely efficient!

5th: Coin rating through social media sites, KOLs

A good project gets special media attention and a detailed assessment of it’s safety and potential. This is called self-expression to score well, not is media hype, making a fuss to paint a rose prospect for that project. Such projects are best avoided.

Furthermore, you should also follow people with experience in this industry. This way will shorten your project research time, as well as have a more in-depth and correct view for yourself.

So, we have finished sharing what is Hidden Gem content? Hopefully the above information will help you understand the Hidden Gem to apply in your upcoming projects.


Partnership Enquiries Have any questions regarding how we run our partnerships? Email us here.

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