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What is Mojito Markets? Guide to experience Mojito Markets for a chance to receive Airdrop

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In this article, let’s learn about Mojito Markets – the first prediction market on Aptos and experience the features on Mojito Markets for a chance to receive Airdrop!

What is Mojito Markets?

Mojito Markets is a decentralized prediction platform built on the Aptos blockchain . It allows for unattended betting, settlement and processing of predictions without depending on a centralized exchange.

Pros of project

  • Owned and operated by entrepreneurial developers as well as users of the platform to truly incentivise innovation and product excellence.
  • Is fully collateralized and non-custodial, meaning that user funds are not held at rest and are instead held in a contract-governed escrow.
  • Decentralized oracle resolution means that transactions’ outcomes are not determined by a central authority, but by a distributed consensus mechanism.
    An open, public audit trail and ledger of every market and transaction that has or will ever occur on any market is available to anyone.


Mojito Market’s MOJO token is a utility token that will enable community participation in many aspects of the Mojito Market Protocol. A total of 100,000,000 MOJO tokens [10% of total supply] will be on sale through the IDO process.

IDO/Sale schedule

Mojito Markets will IDO its token on the 20th of October at 10am ET at IDO.Mojito.Markets where 100,000,000 tokens [10% of total supply] will be sold

Instructions for participating in the Mojito Markets experience

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Connect 1 of 3 wallets Martian Aptos Wallet, Pontem Aptos Wallet

Step 3 : In the Popular Markets section, you can choose any segment on Mojito Markets including: Crypto, Politics, Sports, Economics, Science & Technology.

Step 4 : Next, you will predict a team to win the championship in the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Here I will choose to change the Portuguese team and select the amount then press Bet .

In addition to the Sports market, you can also experience the Crypto, Politics, Economics, Science & Technology markets and the method is similar to Crypto.


Through the article BTA introduced everyone to Mojito Markets and guided to participate in the experience on Mojito Markets . Hopefully through the article will help people have more information about the project and participate in the experience in the most effective way.


Partnership Enquiries Have any questions regarding how we run our partnerships? Email us here.

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