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What is Web3? Find out details about Web3 2022

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Whether natural or technological, evolution has always been an integral part of the human system. In recent times, one of the evolutionary terms that we have heard many times is web3, which makes a lot of people wonder what it exactly means, especially in the cryptocurrency market. So what is Web3? ? Will Web3 projects explode in 2022? Find out more details about Deerinsights. news in the article below.

What is Web3?

Web3 (also known as web3) is the third version of the Internet that connects data in a decentralized way, to deliver a faster and more personalized user experience. Besides, it is built using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the semantic web itself, and uses a blockchain security system to keep your information safe and secure. . Decentralization, openness, and amazing user convenience are the defining features of web3.

With US tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are among the few companies that are currently making huge profits from user data. However, web3 will allow all of us to be “compensated” for our time and data.

This also means that users will be able to sell their data to advertisers while retaining ownership and privacy of that data. In addition, web3 enables websites and applications to use data more meaningfully and tailor information to individual users.

Therefore, this third generation of the web is an Internet where you will enjoy personalized interactions with machines, along with web pages in the same way you would communicate with any human. so different.

How does Web3 work?

The idea behind web3 is to make Internet searches faster, easier, and much more efficient to handle even complex searches in the shortest possible time.

In a web 2.0 application, the user needs to interact with its user interface, which will communicate with its backend, which will also communicate with its database. The entire code is stored on centralized servers and then sent to the user via the Internet browser.
Web3 has no centralized database that stores the application state, nor does it have a centralized web server where the backend logic resides. Instead, it has a blockchain for building applications on a decentralized state machine and is maintained by anonymous nodes on the web.

The logic of your applications is defined in Smart Contracts, which are written by developers and deployed on a decentralized state machine.

Also, anyone willing to build a blockchain application deploys their code on this shared state machine. The user interface remains roughly the same as in web 2.0.

4 main features of Web3

To better understand the nuances and subtleties of web3, let’s take a look at four salient web3 properties. They include:

Semantic web

The semantic web simulates a web of data that can be processed by machines. The Semantic web will help teach computers what data means and will help develop artificial intelligence that can use that information more effectively. On the other hand, thanks to semantic metadata, web3 will help make the connection between data better. As a result, the user experience will evolve to another level of connectivity taking advantage of all the information already available.

Artificial intelligence

AI will allow websites to filter and provide users with the best data possible. Besides, artificial intelligence can learn to distinguish good from bad and provide us with the most reliable data.

3D graphics

It is Web3 that will change the future of the Internet evolving from a simple 2D web into a more realistic three-dimensional networked world. Three-dimensional design is being widely used in websites and services in web3 such as online games, e-commerce, real estate industry, etc.


The proliferation of mobile devices and Internet access will make the web3 experience available anytime, anywhere. Web3 can also be called a web of everything and everywhere, as almost everything around you can be connected online or also known as the Internet of Things.
So, together we have learned what web3 is. Along with the information you need to know about web3. Hopefully, this article has given readers of Deerinsights. news the necessary knowledge about web3.


Partnership Enquiries Have any questions regarding how we run our partnerships? Email us here.

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